Patient Testimonials

We sincerely appreciate when our patients take the time to leave a review!

Great treatment from the staff and Dr. Ingoldsby was excellent! Highly recommend!

Laura H. 

A very compassionate oral surgeon, supported by an equally compassionate staff. They truly care about the whole person and will not perform unnecessary procedures. Trustworthy.

Susan K.

Dr Cudney and staff deliver “6 star” patient centered care! They practice under a framework that considers those in need of urgent oral surgical intervention, making patients like myself, a priority. In my case, I needed oral surgery sooner than waiting for an appointment for weeks, or months. I received prompt, professional, and excellent care! Other oral/surgical and dental care providers should model from Dr. Cudney’s team and care delivery. Thank you Dr. Cudney and the oral/surgical team!

Dr. Shelly Burns

Dr Cudney and his staff were amazing! I came to have my tooth pulled and didn’t really know what to expect. Dr Cudney made sure from the moment I came in to get me relaxed, he was smiling and friendly, he made my experience awesome and worry free. He was precise, careful, and professional. He made sure other teeth are not impacted and no damage done to the surrounding tissue. Easy and fast, what was considered worrisome and hard. Thank you Doctor and your assistant Dasteena!

Anya V.

First let me say, I was absolutely TERRIFIED to get my wisdom teeth out. Like, put it off for eight years until I couldn’t wait anymore terrified. I had severely impacted wisdom teeth, one of the worst cases my dentist had ever seen. Dr. Cudney extracted eight teeth total- the wisdom teeth and my 12 year molars. He and his office staff were patient, kind, and understanding of my anxiety the day of the surgery. The surgery itself went very well, no complications despite a very complicated set of teeth. Although I obviously had a few painful days afterwards, I feel everything went as well as it possibly could have with Dr. Cudney. I highly recommend him!

Anna H.

Polite and welcoming staff, Dr. Cudney is an amazing painless doctor, he and his staff made my wisdom teeth removal painless and easy

Jordan D. 

We went in a little nervous because our oldest daughter had a horrible experience with getting her wisdom teeth out from another oral surgeon, but Dr. Cudney was fabulous! Very friendly and accommodating! Very nice, neat and clean office made for an all around great experience! We would definitely go there again and recommend him to anyone looking for a great oral surgeon!

Dennis M. 

This is a fabulous doctor and staff. Very concerned on their patients during and after surgery! I would recommend to anyone!

Pamela C.

I’ve had two separate procedures done here. (One recently and one around 2014). I had no issues, everything went perfectly, and I will continue to return for any future oral surgery needs. The staff is wonderful, and both Dr. Ewig & Dr. Cudney are extremely knowledgeable, informative, professional, funny, and sweet!

Lexi T.

Had my wisdom teeth pulled out and it’s been 2 months now. I still cant eat because of this and will have to make another trip because of this.

I was able to get in and he noticed the issue after looking at my teeth for a good 15 mins. He realized that when I bite the filling I had put in this past year was pushing against my gum. It was nice to know he took his time seeing how I was biting to get a full understanding of the issue. After he had shaved the filling down some it made it so I could eat with no issues. Super thankful that he was able to fix it without doing anything serious or having to have me schedule a new appointment.

James M.

I am very impressed with Dr. Ewig and all his staff. Everyone is very personable and made an uncomfortable procedure as close to pleasant as possible. Thanks!

Kim H.

As a former medical office manager, I am truly impressed with your practice as a whole. I am just sorry your office is not one I could visit more regularly. Thanks for being great!

Christina M.

My Mother was treated with the utmost kindness at her recent visit for a tooth extraction. Dr. Cudney was kind, thorough and extremely professional. This is a top notch practice with top notch caring employees. The nurses even helped me get her safely into her vehicle and were amazing! The world needs more people like you guys.

Your office is always very pleasant and courteous. Plus the level of clinical care has been outstanding with both of my two sons I‘ve brought here so far. Thanks for your good work!

Nothing but positive comments could be made. Thanks for the excellent service from all.

Matt S.

Very friendly and helpful staff! Dr Cudney even called us personally to see how my son was doing and if we had questions

Pretty, comfortable office, friendly knowledgeable staff. Your post op paper was very concise, simple and easy to follow. We will refer others to you!

Paul L.

Thank you! Almost everyone I’ve talked to has had a “horror” story to tell about getting their wisdom teeth out-I had nothing but good things to say. Thank you!

Marney I.

One of my wisdom teeth was left in after surgery a few months ago with a different oral surgeon, and my dentist determined it still needed to be removed. I was extremely scared to have the procedure done again without IV sedation (I opted for Nitrous), but Dr. Cudney and his assistant did an amazing job removing the tooth quickly, managing any pain and making me comfortable the entire time during my visit. The office was clean, welcoming and all the staff I interacted with were friendly. I would definitely recommend!

Kaitlyn K.

Excellent…the staff and Dr. Ewig were very informative while presenting a caring and friendly atmosphere.

Geoff U.

Great office, staff could not have been nicer! Very good experience from someone whom is afraid of Dentists. Have a Merry Christmas.

Jim T.

Very friendly and efficient service. Made me feel very relaxed. Helped to ease my nervousness by being funny and easy-going. Very comfortable experience. Knowledgeable, friendly staff made me feel relaxed.

Kenisha F.

Both of my children had there wisdom teeth removed by Dr. Ewig. We are pleased with the results and the professionalism with the staff. Thank you.

James B.

Would highly recommend friends and family to utilize your services-a very efficiently and professionally run office. Thanks!

Tara B.

I would like to convey my appreciation to you for all your hard work that you have put forth while taking Maxillofacial Call for so many years. It has been a privilege having you to rely on to care for our indigent population, and I applaud you for a job well done. If you ever change your mind about taking call, please feel free to contact us in the future.

Also, I am very pleased that you are continuing as the Medical Director for Quality of the Section of Maxillofacial Surgery, as your leadership and direction of this group is hard to replicate. Your contributions to this group are always noted and appreciated.

Your accomplishments illustrate the high quality of community work that you have become so well known for in the Dayton area. I hope you return to touch the lives of our patients and their families in the future, because it is medical staff like you who are truly an important part of what makes Miami Valley Hospital such a special resource to this community.


Mary B., President and Chief Executive Officer

I just felt compelled to write and tell you how delighted I was with the service I received from you and your staff. Dr. Shannon, my regular dentist could not have recommended a more comfortable dental surgeon.

You have been blessed with a kindly and jovial personality which put me at peace for the operation. I must say, you were more of a magician than a dentist. You had that wisdom tooth out in less than a minute. You broke all other records of time spent in a dental chair.

Again, many thanks for a job well done and I would certainly recommend you to anyone.

With kind best wishes, I remain

Francis S.

To Jack & Staff—

For all that you do! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I really enjoyed the presentation and camaraderie Monday night. Very helpful and informative.

Once again, I want you to know how much I value your attention to superb patient care.

Best regards always,

Dr. Lisa Marshall

A patient of ours raved about how well she was treated at your office by “the doctor and the nurses.” Thought we’d pass along the word!

Dr. Chris Deister

The baggie of supplies to care for a patient is/was much appreciated! Our overall experience was wonderful. Between information from Dr. Ewig + Staff and the folder, I felt very much at ease. The info gave me confidence that I could take care of the patient after the surgery. I knew what to expect and was supplied with everything I needed. THANK YOU!


I love you guys!

Broc B.

There is no way to glamorize a tooth extraction. Your office did everything they could get me through it. Thank you for your cordial service.

John M.

The post-op bag given to us was a real blessing-it had everything we needed and more, thank you so much. It was a wonderful experience!

Heather Y.

The overall experience was very good and I was treated well and professionally by you and your staff.

Michael H.

The whole experience was better than we hoped for, Cheyenne was treated wonderful and she responded well and the whole experience was not a bad experience for her.

Cheyenne F.

Felt well taken care of & comfortable, very timely.


The information on treatment after having teeth pulled was very helpful. I wasn’t really in any pain. The ice pack & water bottle were also very helpful.

Kristin H.

Thanks for everything. You guys did a great job and besides the pain, my mouth feels better, more spacious. I was worried about the IV and the drugs with how they would affect me, but Dr. Ewig and the nurses assisting him took great care with my mouth. Thank you.

Stephen G.

Our overall experience with your office was excellent. I could not have asked for better care for my son.

Ryan B.